Ideal for Heat Transfer Application & Digital Direct-to-Garment Printing

The TMP 4 Digital Manual Release heat press offers one of the major benefits of a manual machine - in the lightweight, lower cost, ergonomic design of a manual clamshell heat press. The TMP 4 meets the demands of today's busy retail environment and is also a practical solution to use as a post-curing agent for the expanding digital direct-to- garment marketplace.


  • Pneumatic Heat Press with a rotary head allowing a higher production.
  • The Twin stations help carry and prepare the second garment during pressing of the other piece. 
  • Electronic regulation of time and temperature.
  • Accessory Interchangable Plates (10,5 X 15cm or 10 X 4,5cm)
  • Touch screen panel with digital adjustment of time and temperature, settings and storage of 4 presets, automatic fault detection system, daily and historical piece counter.


  Dimension of the plate         150 X 150mm

                              Current          220 V mon.

       Power consumption          KW 0,4

Power consumption / h         KW / h 0,25

                    Temperature         40ª - 255ª C

                            Pressure         0 - 65,000 sec.

                         Net weight         800 - 4000 gr/cm²

                                                     Kg 39,5 / Kg45,5

              Adjustable time